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soc lecture people - Thomas Malthus"The Principles of...

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Thomas Malthus – “The Principles of Population” in 1798 o Malthusian system o Population doubles with every generation, food does not o Population growth is restrained by food o Disease also restrains growth o War as well o Vice – birth control o His answers – deferred marriage, celibacy before marriage Malthus did not anticipate some things: o More land is under cultivation than he thought (largely due to irrigation) o New sources of food production (chemicals) o Neo-Malthusians argue that we need to worry about the environment o We need electric cars, public transportation Marcia Guttentag – argues that a society with more men than women restricts women in everyday activities more (frontier, immigrant groups) o Two types of women appear – good women (get married happily) and bad women (prostitutes, sluts) o Low sex ratio societies – feminine and feminists appear Feminine – subservient, sweet, want to attract men Feminist – educated, not enough educated men around so you focus on your career as gratification Ruth Benedict Patterns of Culture Studied three different cultures o Pueblo – Mexico, emphasis on cooperation, don’t stand out o Dobu – South Pacific, valued private property, didn’t trust each other o Kwakiutl – near Vancouver, conspicuous consumption – showing off what you have o Class tied in thinking we are most like Dobu and Kwakiutl Reisman labeled three different types of societies o Tradition Directed – primitive, tradition drives the reason people do things, deviants feel shame (blame from those around you), adulthood comes early, media is oral o Inner Directed – people do things because they have been taught certain ideals, adulthood takes a while, deviants feel guilt (inside your own head), media is printed o
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soc lecture people - Thomas Malthus"The Principles of...

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