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sociology notes - 9/26/07 Culture Distinctive way of life...

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9/26/07 Culture Distinctive way of life of a group of people Ruth Benedict – as a human being it is pretty much impossible to change your culture Socialization is how you become part of a culture and you internalize the norms of the culture Tells you what is proper and improper behavior Erasmus – Dutch thinker wrote first real etiquette book Protestant (Calvinist) notions involved predestination, heaven or hell was already set Differed from Catholicism which said your behavior decided afterlife Meant for heaven were deemed the Elect You had to convince yourself that you were part of the Elect and you would act accordingly Max Weber tried to explain why capitalism spread to Protestant societies Saving money was a Protestant ideal Protestant is ideational Different nations have different personalities Ruth Benedict – The Sword of the Chrysanthemum US commissioned her to theorize what Japan would turn out like if we occupied them after WWII How she described the Japanese character – males better than females, older people are superior to younger, the core of the culture involved superior and inferior groups and finding out your place in them Americans went from subordinate to superior group after Hiroshima/Nagasaki --->cooperation 1999 German psychology experiment – put men and women only telephone booths generally followed directions child, spouse or mother? Mother wins in middle east Sub-Cultures Cultures have categories within Sheldon Bacon looked at alcoholism within Orthodox Jews, Anglo-Americans, and Mormons – subcultures of America Jews it is ritualized and a way to bring a family together AAs relaxes the norms and gives feelings of solidarity among drinkers Mormons – drinkers are deviant and there are no proper occasions for drinking Orthodox Jews start drinking very early from family AAs start drinking as a teenager in secret with other teenagers Mormons start drinking with other deviants or other “gentiles” or non-Mormons Jews drinking isn’t that exciting, AAs it is more emotional, Mormon deviants reaction is really strong Jews alcoholism rate is low, AAs it is somewhat high, Mormons it is 0, deviant Mormons it is extraordinarily high
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o Cultural Attitudes Towards Health French focus on liver, blame migraines on it Germans focus on heart British have economical medicine – likelihood of getting some sort of prescription after examination is lower Americans have aggressive medicine – we feel as if doctor is supposed to do something American women are 3 times more likely to receive C-sections than a western European woman Individual and Society Charles H. Cooley – “The Looking Glass Self” – how we think we appear to others we begin to think of ourselves You are only a human being with feedback from other human beings on yourself Feral children are children that are raised without human contact
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sociology notes - 9/26/07 Culture Distinctive way of life...

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