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Cancer lecture response - That research helps extend the...

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Taylor Irwin HHP Coach New March 11, 2008 Cancer Lecture Response After attending the Cancer Lecture this afternoon the threat of cancer is very real for everyone. Cancer kills about 39% of those who are diagnosed, which turns out to be around 460,000 people each year. There are many things that lead to cancer. Facts presented today state that there is an 80-85% chance that you will get cancer based on your lifestyle. This means, however, that we can do our part to help prevent ourselves from getting cancer based on our diets and daily habits. I learned that even though most people with cancer are over the age of 55 it is never to early to try and prevent the devastation that cancer can cause. Other than heart disease, caused by obesity, the second leading killer is cancer. Many medical breakthroughs have helped people through their diagnosis and for many years afterwards. Every year doctors and researchers improve techniques and treatments pertaining to the care and elimination of cancer.
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Unformatted text preview: That research helps extend the lives of those who are diagnosed with cancer and help in lowering the risks of those who do not have cancer. One of the most interesting, yet troubling facts was that tobacco is one of the worst things we can do to increase our chances of getting cancer. Not only will Tobacco increase our chances of getting cancer but also the kind of cancer you get from smoking is one that you are least likely to survive, Lung cancer. Lung cancer causes more deaths than any other type of cancer. In 2001 those who actually survived Lung cancer only had a 15% chance of living past 5 years of their eliminating the cancer. By eating less grilled food, less salt, more fiber and dairy products low in fat I can create a healthy diet that will also help lower my chances of getting cancer. If you place a healthy diet in with good decision making, like not using tobacco, I can help lower my individual risks of getting cancer....
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Cancer lecture response - That research helps extend the...

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