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Unformatted text preview: PHY204 UNIT EXAM 3 Nov. 29, 2006 Name : Hi I one ([1; Problem 1 An infinitely long straight current of magnitude 1 = 5A is directed out of the plane and located a distance d = 1.0111 fiom the coordinate origin (somewhere on the dashed circle). The magnetic field B generated by this current is in the negative y- direction as shown. (a) Find the magnitude B of the magnetic field * .4! . 7 4193?: 1"7i__./Km 7’-=/,0 T 5 27¢ 92)“) f (b) Clearly mark the position of the current on the dashed circle. Problem 2 A conducting loop in the shape of a square with areaA = 2m2 and resistance R = 109 is placed in the yz-plane as shown. A time—dependent magnetic field B = Bxi is applied. Its time dependence Bx(t) is shown graphically. y (a) Find the magnetic flux (Dm through the loop at time I: 0. (b) Find the magnitude and direction (cw/cow) of the induced current 1 at time != 2.05. alooffl . . Q ax , PTO/4’qu (19) w raw.- :6; 2- f Wig/W f:—é€j32*/.Oi/ —’ .. i: F-LO; ,flf'O/i' I T i ‘ Q '20 ' '/// h 2 Problem 3 H 29 IQ IQ s°_‘fl«— I In the circuit shown the switch S is initially open. It is then closed at t = 0. Find the current I through the battery and the voltage VL across the inductor (a) while the switch is open (i.e. for t< O); (b) immediately afier the switch has been closed (i.e. at t = 0); (c) a very long time later (ice. for 1= 00). (a) fié/‘ICO‘MHQCAL'e‘O/{J rT:Q// KtO/JA: :0 (-C‘fiflMo/Z 64mm741 QéI‘U/Vly/ , ZR Willis/(Ur l; jopft%ey( él/ _ T : J a :0, 3 ‘ {El/HQ, g A ...
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