Lec 11 Life in the Solar System

Global surveyor 1998 mars odyssey 2002 mars express

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Unformatted text preview: iological, reaction! Surface is strongly oxidizing (UV)! ⇒!Organic matter would be destroyed! ⇒ Experiments not designed for this! ⇒ Oxygen rich compounds on surface can react like life! ! To find current Martians (or fossil Martians)…. ! Dig Deeper!! ! And remember that your experiments determine what you can find…! ! More Recent Mars Missions! •  •  •  •  Pathfinder/Sojourner 1997! Global Surveyor 1998! Mars Odyssey 2002! Mars Express (ESA) 2003! –  Beagle crashed (life detection)! •  Mars Rovers 2004! –  Spirit and Opportunity! •  Phoenix (NASA) landed in 2008! •  Curiosity Rover landed in 2012! Global Surveyor! Mars Global Surveyor! http://mars.sdsc.edu/mgs/index.html! 1998 - in orbit around Mars! The “Face” on Mars gets erased! ! Viking ! And with Mars Odyssey! Surveyor! Global Surveyor Results! Located areas of floods within last few million! years (few impact craters)! ! Apparently from underground! Out through volcanic fissures! ! Like a geyser - suspect large aquifer a couple of ! miles below surface! ! Or maybe snow ! !(Feb. 2003) ! !! ! ! !Mars Odyssey Website! Mars Odyssey Results! Mapping from Orbit! Gamma ray spectrometer! Cosmic rays excite nuclei on surface ! to emit Gamma rays! ! Wavelength of gamma rays characteristic of element! ! Also neutron detector! Can detect hydrogen (stand in for H2O) in top meter! Evidence indicates substantial H2O near poles! Mars Odyssey ! 2001 Mars Odyssey Water Map! Mars Odyssey ! Mars Express! •  •  •  •  Walls of Candor Chasma! Part of Valles Marineris! Appears to be erosion! Liquid water?! Mars Express! •  Branching channels! •  More evidence of water?! Mars Rovers! •  •  •  •  •  Two Landers (Spirit and Opportunity)! Both rovers that have explored 5 to 10 km! Can dust rock, drill into...
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