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BEH225 Week 8 Psychological Disorders - 16 slides

Childhood disorders attention deficithyperactivity

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Unformatted text preview: ion-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder & Autism AD/HD: Easily distracted, impulsive, constantly on the move Autism: May be identified in first few years of life. Failure to form normal attachments to parents, lacking social instinct, and eccentric motor behavior Causes and Treatments Childhood Disorders AD/HD Causes unknown-Biological factors Treatments- medications Autism Typically, causes are unknown but seem to consist of biological factors. Treatment may include therapy to help increase and progress certain skills and abilities. Causes and Treatments Mood Disorders Depression: Biological factors are prominent. Psychological; debatable. Social factors seem to "push" people already predisposed into depression Treated commonly through medication and/or therapy Mania and Bipolar Disorder: Strongly linked to heredity and treated mainly with medication? Sexual Dysfunctioni. i. ii. ii. Causes and Treatments Sexual Disorders Causes range. Physical illness, biological, and inheritance. Treatments are generally medications. Paraphiliasi. i. ii. ii. Causes are generally indefinite. Perhaps, formed during development. Treatment - usually psychotherap...
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