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Unformatted text preview: tocol sobware running on each host and router smooths out the differences between the different networks Implements an internet protocol (i.e., set of rules) governs how hosts and routers should cooperate when they transfer data from network to network TCP/IP is the protocol for the global IP Internet Carnegie Mellon What Does an internet Protocol Do? Provides a naming scheme An internet protocol defines a uniform format for host addresses Each host (and router) is assigned at least one of these internet addresses that uniquely iden2fies it Provides a delivery mechanism An internet protocol defines a standard transfer unit (packet) Packet consists of header and payload Header: contains info such as packet size, source and des2na2on addresses Payload: contains data bits sent from source host Carnegie Mellon Transferring Data Over an internet LAN1 (1) data Host A client Host B server (8) data LAN2 internet packet (2) data PH FH1 protocol soZware protocol soZware (7) data PH FH2 LAN1 frame LAN1 adapter Router LAN1 adapter LAN2 adapter LAN2 adapter (6) LAN2 frame data PH FH2 (5) data PH FH2 (3) data PH FH1 (4) data PH FH1 PH: Internet packet header FH: LAN frame header protocol soZware Carnegie Mellon Other Issue...
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