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Xyzn n number of bits in host address eg

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Unformatted text preview: .220.11 official hostname: ANGELSHARK.ICS.CS.CMU.EDU address: linux> ./dns www.google.com official hostname: www.l.google.com alias: www.google.com address: address: address: address: linux> dig +short -x iad04s01-in-f103.1e100.net. Carnegie Mellon Querying DIG Domain Informa8on Groper (dig) provides a scriptable command line interface to DNS linux> dig +short greatwhite.ics.cs.cmu.edu linux> dig +short -x ANGELSHARK.ICS.CS.CMU.EDU. linux> dig +short google.com linux> dig +short -x iad04s01-in-f103.1e100.net. Carnegie Mellon More Exo8c Features of DIG Provides more informa8on than you would ever want about DNS linux> dig www.phys.msu.ru a +trace linux> dig www.google.com a +trace Carnegie Mellon Internet Connec8ons Clients and servers communicate by sending streams of bytes over connecHons: Point-to-point, full-duplex (2-way communica2on), and reliable. A socket is an endpoint of a connec8on Socket address is an IPaddress:port pair A port is a 16-bit integer that iden8fies a process: Ephemeral port: Assigned automa2cally on client when client makes a connec2on re...
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