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Reading notes - Chapter 4: Female Sexual Anatomy and...

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Chapter 4: Female Sexual Anatomy and Physiology Vulva : encompasses all female external genital structures: the hair, the folds of skin, and the urinary and vaginal openings Mons veneris : “the mound of Venus.” It is the area covering the pubic bone that consists of pads of fatty tissue between the pubic bone and skin. It has numerous nerve endings Labia majora : or outer lips, extend downward from the mons on each side of the vulva. They begin next to the thigh and extend inward, surrounding the labia minora and the urethral and vaginal openings. The outer lips are covered with pubic hair; their inner parts are hairless. The skin is usually darker than the skin of the things. The nerve endings and underlying fatty tissue are similar to those in the mons Labia minora : inner lips, are within the outer lips and often protrude between them. Hairless folds of skin that join at the prepuce (clitoral hood) and extend downward past the urinary and vaginal openings. Contain sweat and oil glands, extensive blood vessels, and nerve endings Clitoris : includes the external shaft and glans and the internal crura (roots) that project inward from each side of the clitoral shaft. Shaft and glans are below the mons area, where the inner lips converge; covered by clitoral hood, or prepuce. Genital secretions, skin cells, and bacteria combine to form
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Reading notes - Chapter 4: Female Sexual Anatomy and...

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