Math 1020Q Exam #2 Study Guide

Corn has a value of 3 since it is more common while

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Unformatted text preview: many different ways are there to carry all of the bricks? QUESTION #5 You are trying to figure out your friend’s 4- digit iPhone passcode based on the following information. You are told that the product of the four numbers is 72 and that the highest of the four numbers is the first digit of the passcode. You then ask what the sum of the numbers is and after given the answer, you still cannot solve the passcode and then your friend tells you 9 is their favorite number and appears in their passcode. What is their passcode? QUESTION #6 Two farmers are deciding which crop to plant for the upcoming season and have a choice between growing corn and growing potatoes. The two farms are located near each other, but the two farmers must decide wh...
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