Math 1020Q Exam #2 Study Guide

Tess nina bean sees sing

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Unformatted text preview: is possible and one isn’t 8. Faculty Debts Problem (page 60) and Stretch #57, understand why and how these problems work and what to look for Math 1020Q – Exam #2 Review Questions QUESTION #1 Solve the first 2 Cryptarithmetic problems and figure out why the third is impossible. TESS NINA BEAN + SEES + SING + KEEN ELLEN AGAIN CLEAN QUESTION #2 Let’s say you are on a game show and there are 5 doors to pick from and 1 of the doors has a prize behind them while the other 4 have nothing behind them. After picking a door at random, the host (who knows what’s behind all the doors) reveals 3 incorrect doors and...
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