7 Hermes and Hestia; Boundaries and Mediation

7 Hermes and Hestia; Boundaries and Mediation - of Hades...

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Hermes and Hestia: Boundaries and Mediation Hermes, Trickster God of Wayfarers Protects travelers: thieves, merchants, heralds, orators Heralds are elect men who travel between hostile communities. They carry the god’s wand, the caduceus Hermes is psychopompos , “soul guide,” he leads the dead into the House
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Unformatted text preview: of Hades Also called Argeiphontes for slaying the hundred-eyed monster, Argus Hestia, the Hearth Eldest child of Cronus and Rhea Fireplace in every house/family Protectress of the home Always a virgin, never left Olympus...
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