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9 Hades and the Underworld

9 Hades and the Underworld - • Hades “the unseen...

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Hades and the Underworld The Odyssey, “The Book of the Dead” Odysseus sacrificed in a trench along the banks of the River of Ocean He saw the spirits of an old comrade, his mother, and others who were sent to Hades The Greek View of Death “Natural death” was uncommon. It was caused by a hostile force from the natural world, from a human being, or from the realm of gods, ghosts…
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Unformatted text preview: • Hades, “the unseen one,” ruled over the dead. Also called Pluto, “the enricher,” because from beneath the earth comes mineral and agricultural wealth • Most Greeks believe in life after death, in an attenuated form • Difference between living and dead is breathing •...
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