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C4 - Part C Construct Excel Formulas[13 points The graphic...

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Part C – Construct Excel Formulas [13 points] The graphic below shows an Excel Worksheet (named FederalTax ) that replicates part of the current Schedule 1 , included in the 2009 Canadian Income Tax Return . Each of the grey-filled cells has a formula in it. This table shows the names that are defined in FederalTax , and the ranges to which they refer. Line26 =FederalTax!$G$2 Line30 =FederalTax!$C$8:$I$8 Line27 =FederalTax!$C$5:$I$5 Line31 =FederalTax!$C$9:$I$9 Line28 =FederalTax!$C$6:$I$6 Line32 =FederalTax!$C$10:$I$10 Line29 =FederalTax!$C$7:$I$7 Line33 =FederalTax!$C$11:$I$11 In most cases, the instructions for calculating the cells in the line are given to the left. NOTE the Income level conditions that apply for each column. Also note that cells should appear empty when not needed. Write a formula to calculate Line27 for the second highest
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