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paper_guidelines_spring - reintegration However there are...

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Classics 40: Paper Guidelines The paper will be due Wednesday November 30 th in lecture. Either an abstract of your planned paper (one page single-spaced) or a complete rough draft is required by November 21st and may be submitted via email, during lecture, or in my box in the Classics department mailroom. However, if you are turning in a complete draft, I would appreciate a hard copy. Failure to submit either an abstract or a draft will result in a ten percent reduction of your final paper grade. The paper is to apply the theoretical approaches we have discussed in class to a movie of your choice, drawing comparisons between the mythological themes we have been studying and the themes/characters used in modern movies. The basic theoretical pattern you should use is the three-part “initiation” process (separation, liminal zone,
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Unformatted text preview: reintegration). However, there are several specific versions you can choose for comparison: coming-of-age stories (childhood initiation), stories about having an “internal revolution” (initiation into mystery cult), or the progress of the hero. In some cases you may want to combine elements from different patterns and you are encouraged to do so. In all cases, you should make sure to point out where and how the pattern fails or is complicated and try to explain why or how. An excellent paper will include specific and appropriate comparisons drawn from the ancient myths we have been studying, whether Greek or near eastern. Movies used repeatedly in lecture as examples should not be used, as well as movies about superheroes, since we would like to see you find heroic patterns in less obvious places....
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