Art Is Supposed To Help Us

Art Is Supposed To Help Us - Jennifer Chinn Writing 2 Unit...

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Jennifer Chinn Writing 2, Unit 3 MW 5-6:50 Art Is Supposed To Help Us ‘Art .’ Humankind has continually struggled to define this three-letter word and the purpose it serves our society . Ranging from architecture to sculpture, painting, music and poetry, any single piece of work from any of these categories has the potential to change someone’s life . If an observer gains understanding or appreciation of life in the real world from this piece, then the artist has succeeded. In great pieces such as “The Man He Killed,” and “She Proves the Inconsistency of the Desires and Criticism of Men Who Accuse Women of What They Themselves Cause” by Thomas Hardy and Sor Juana De La Cruz, respectively, the artists’ flawless skill and dedicated effort are evident because these poems evoke deep emotions and thought from the reader. Successful art leaves the reader to reflect upon various aspects of his or her life that society has increasingly deemphasized over time due to the heavy influence and importance of material things . These material things have stripped us of our appreciation for the natural beauty of life, and “it is increasingly important to be able to seek the relief… found in aesthetic activity” (278) 1 . Artists need to continue to strive to produce transcendent art that gives meaning to our reality and “helps us to rise above life’s trivialities,” (278) 2 because if art becomes arbitrary and meaningless, we will become lost in the material world we have created. According to the newsletter, “What Use is Art?,” art is meaningful and “real when it shows sound knowledge, mastered craft, vivid imagination, strong common sense, truth, and wise meaning” (277) . 3 Not everyone has the ability to reach this kind of level
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with art. A paintbrush and paint may just be tools or objects, but to a painter, these are opportunities to characterize or exemplify various aspects of our world . Likewise, to a poet, words are utilized to help us assign great significance to the things in life that we have labeled as simple and mundane
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Art Is Supposed To Help Us - Jennifer Chinn Writing 2 Unit...

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