Diversification problem c liquidity problem d

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Unformatted text preview: Diversification problem C. Liquidity problem D. Solvency problem E. Regulatory problem 5. In 2009, ____________ was the most significant liability of U.S. households in terms of total value. A. Credit cards B. Mortgages C. Bank loans D. Student loans E. Other debt 6. In 2009, ____________ was the most significant financial asset of U.S. commercial banks in terms of total value. A. Loans and leases B. Cash C. Real estate D. Deposits E. Investment securities 7. A debt security pays ____________. A. A fixed level of income for the life of the owner B. A variable level of income for owners on a fixed income C. A fixed or variable income stream at the option of the owner D. A fixed stream of income or a stream of income that is determined according to a specified formula for the life of the security E. A riskless return that is fixed for life 8. ________ specialize in helping companies raise capital by selling securities. A. Commercial bankers B. Investment bankers C. Investment issuers D....
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