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Jennifer Chinn Thesis : If both the Israeli and Palestinian sides simultaneously cease attack, they can rationally distribute the land with a two-state solution. The Israelis could continue to rule Israel as they please, while the Palestinians create a new Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, available for Arab citizens of Israel and Palestinian refugees to obtain citizenship. Jerusalem, a much disputed holy city, will become a neutral sovereign state of the Muslims, Christians, and Jews, and will be shared ground for peace and worship. I. Background Information II. In June of 1967, Israel conquered the Sinai Desert, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank in the Six-Day War. A. When offered the return of these states in exchange for peace, the Arab countries turned their backs to Israel and continued attempting to destroy Israel. B. Because of both sides’ desire for the same land, the Arab’s lack of recognition for Jewish religion and terrorist attacks, and Israel’s negligence of Palestinian
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