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Paper 1 the power of music

Paper 1 the power of music - Jennifer Chinn-16-07 Does...

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Jennifer Chinn Music 15 10-16-07 Does Music Really Matter? For as long as music has been a part of life, people have simultaneously been arguing its importance and questioning whether it is useful or worthless to society. St. Basil, Bishop of Caesarea, and Charles Burney, English scholar and musical enthusiast, present two important arguments in history, which advocate the purposes they think music serves. Both men are able to see a few of the benefits that music provides - there are specific forms of music that please the human ear, and these forms vary depending on the taste of the listener. However, St. Basil argues that what pleases the ear is not always necessarily beneficial; licentious music has detrimental effects on society and thus, society should only embrace music that betters the soul. Charles Burney, on the other hand, believes music to be much more innocent, and less influential to the listener. A high-ranking church leader of the 300s, born before music actually originated, St. Basil bases his musical knowledge on biblical stories, such as the sanity King Saul
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