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Paper - Brainstorming - Childhood initiation/ coming of...

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Childhood initiation/ coming of age: 1. Separation – Peter, Susan, Edmond, and Lucy go to England to stay with the professor, Digory. They are young and immature, playing around and they stumble upon the wardrobe when Lucy plays hide and seek one day, and again when they are trying to escape getting in trouble 2. Liminal zone – the wardrobe takes them to the land of Narnia. They are faced with the challenge of defeating the White Witch and saving all of Narnia 3. Reintegration – They leave Narnia as adults (kings and queens) and return to the mansion in England as children again, but much wiser and experienced Sacrifice Aslan sacrifices his life for Edmond’s and is rewarded for it Ekphrasis Aslan’s dead body is left out for a day on an altar (wait 3 days and display the body, just in case he’s not dead) Oedipus Complex Aslan – father figure… Zeus White Witch – evil mother figure (decomposition). Female temptress. Wants power – succession crisis ; wants to kill the 4 children because they were prophesized to overturn her reign…………. . Aphrodite?? Metis? Prophesy: 4 children of Adam and Eve are supposed to save Narnia … Noah and the flood? Prometheus saving mankind? Progress of a hero: Peter forced to become leader. In the mansion tries to take care of his
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Paper - Brainstorming - Childhood initiation/ coming of...

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