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Unformatted text preview: rsuasion involves a conscious attempt to influence People persuade themselves Persuasion involves the transmission of a message Persuasion requires free choice Foundations of Persuasion Foundations of Persuasion Persuasion involves the persuader’s awareness he or she is trying to influence someone else Requires that the “persuadee” make a conscious or unconscious decision to change his mind about something Foundations of Persuasion Foundations of Persuasion Animals and infants do not persuade because they are not consciously aware they are persuading Persuasion has moral components: choose to engage in morally beneficent or morally reprehensible actions Persuasion or Coercion? Persuasion or Coercion? If your boss tells you his/her fiancée is out of town and asks you to go out to a romantic restaurant after work to discuss your career potential If a child asks their parent for a new toy and screams until they get it n? io uas ? rs pe rcion it n is it coe e Wh en is Wh Coercion Coercion Occurs when the influence agent: Delivers a threat of some consequence Attempts to induce the individual to act contrary to her preferences Deprives the individual of some measure of freedom or autonomy Remember Persuasion… Remember Persuasion… Occurs in an atmosphere of free choice Assumes the individual is capable of resisting an influence attempt (or) Willingly persuaded herself to change her mind abo...
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