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Lecture 1.30.07 - 9 x 9(ft tea prepared in room not from...

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Japan Many cities known as ‘castle towns’ Largest was Edo (now Tokyo) Had to maintain all the facilities for all the towns near Leads to it growing to the largest city in 17 th century Series of moats around the castle Peak in about 1650 (Sudoku time… probably will not take many more notes) Tea Bagging!!! Yoshimitsu tea bagged at his golden palace. Yoshimasa Togudo house near Silver Pavilion Had gatherings in the back room Features of back room: Shoin (writing desk with translucent paper on wall)
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Unformatted text preview: 9 x 9 (ft) tea prepared in room, not from outside Hiraoshi (?) Had several castles Loved to be tea bagged Gold tea room Gold tea utensils Golden showers Elevated to status of deity after death Ricu Becomes a consultant to Hiraoshi Multiple roles: Primary – art consultant Secret Messenger Top douche bag Wabi Naturalistic Mud walls Shitty looking shit that sucks ass. I want to kick Jonathan Reynolds in the HEAD...
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