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HP2-B118 HP HP Document Solutions Technical Fundamentals
A. Deploying "best of breed" security technologies within corporate networks B. Having internal users' laptops running with anti-virus software and personal firewalls C. Developing security awareness programs and keeping up to date with security technologies D. Analyzing everything in Information Security and IT Operations, providing context, and acting appropriately Answer:C QUESTION:37 What is a compelling reason to buy HP ArcSight solution products?
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Unformatted text preview:Answer: A QUESTION: 38 Which HP ESP pillar's solution detects and blocks attacks through the network? A. HPArcSight B. HPAtalla C. HP Fortify D. HP TippingPoint Answer: C Reference: (page 2. Fortify runtime features) QUESTION: 39 What is one typical challenge that enterprises face? A. They do not have a central point of control. B. They do not turn on the audit trail on servers. C. They do not need to monitor security events. D. They already correlate event data. 14 Answer: A QUESTION: 40 HOTSPOT Match the HP ArcSight SIEM options with the features they provide. Answer: 15 16 For More exams visit http s ://killexams.com /vendors-exam-list Kill your exam at First Attempt .... Guaranteed!