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Unformatted text preview: Roman taste: Emperor proclaiming a diplomatic victory Breastplate decoration with mythological and allegorical figures: sky god, earth goddess, personifications of the pacified provinces of Spain and Gaul (France) Official religion of Imperial Rome was Imperial Rome ­ Augustus Imperial Rome ­ Augustus Ara Pacis Augustae, Rome, 13­9 B.C.E., marble Another monument (“altar”=ara) to celebrate Augustan peace (pacis augustae), i. e. the pacification of Spain and Gaul (and the empire as a whole) Exterior and interior decoration of relief panels Tellus Relief panel (bottom left): ancient Roman earth mother; drapery, pose betray Greek influence Procession panel (bottom right): led by Augustus himself, commemorates dedication Imperial Rome ­ Colosseum Imperial Rome ­ Colosseum Colosseum, Rome, 70­82 Example of an amphitheater (a Roman invention), consisting of two semi­circular theaters enclosing an oval arena; movable sun cover Begun by Emperor Vespasian (69­ 79) and finished in 80 by his successor Titus; name derives from a giant (“colossal”) statue of Nero in front, which has since vanished Example of Roman public works Performances: gladiator fights, man­ beast struggles; inauguration: staged naval battle with 3,000 participants, arena flooded on purpose Stereotypes about the Colosseum Stereotypes about the Colosseum Jean­Léon Gérôme, Thumbs Down...
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