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Unformatted text preview: r Tetrarchs, ca. 305, Porphyry (Piazza San Marco, Venice) Political chaos in the lat 3rd century; 18 claimants to the throne, uprisings and incursions (Germans, Persians) in the provinces; division of Empire seemed inevitable New Emperor Diocletian divides Empire into Eastern and Western half; each one of the emperors (“augustus”) has a deputy (“caesar”); together, they form the four tetrarchs Porphyry is an extremely hard stone; rendering, frontal pose are almost regressions to archaic simplicity; work originally located Division of the Roman Empire in Division of the Roman Empire in Late Antiquity Imperial Rome ­ Decline Imperial Rome ­ Decline Palace of Diocletian, Split (Croatia), 300­ 305 As part of these administrative changes, Diocletian built, for his retirement, a large fortified palace in Split Plan is laid out like that for a Roman colonial city; axial arrangement; detail: one of the colonnaded courtyards Military aspect runs strong: fortification walls, tower­f...
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