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Unformatted text preview: eft) Titus Imperial Rome ­ Architecture Imperial Rome ­ Architecture Attributed to Apollodorus, Column of Trajan, Rome, 113 Another commemorative monument, sponsored by Emperor Trajan to celebrate his two successful campaigns against the Dacians, annexing today’s Hungary and Rumania to the Roman Empire; under Trajan Empire was at its largest expanse Low relief (marble) forms a continuous spiral band telling in 150 episodes the Dacian Wars Detail: Roman troops building a pontoon bridge across Danube; Trajan speaking to his troops Imperial Rome ­ Architecture Imperial Rome ­ Architecture The Pantheon, Rome, 118­125 The only building which has been in continuous use since classical antiquity to the present day; built during rule of Emperor Hadrian 117­138 Temple dedicated to all gods, later converted into a church Temple façade set in front a domed rotunda; dome consists of a shell of concrete that gradually thickens towards the base Interior: coffered ceiling (decorative, sunken panels), oculus (round opening in the ceiling); floor slightly convex (drainage) Imperial Rome ­ Architecture Imperial Rome ­ Architecture Baths of Caracalla, Rome, ca. 215 Another example of Roman public works; giant complex of public baths, named after Emperor Caracalla Monumentality of later Roman art and architecture Extensive use of vaults, originally mosaic decoration; heights up to 140 feet; recreation for thousands of Romans at a time Succession of cold­wate...
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