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Unformatted text preview: (Pollice Verso), oil/c., 1859 Imperial Rome – Forum Romanum Imperial Rome – Forum Romanum Plan of the Forum Romanum (Imperial Forums) Augustus also started the tradition that each emperor had to build a forum to commemorate the greatness of his rule As a group, these forums form the Forum Romanum, the center of Roman political, business & social life Most forums consisted of colonnaded courts, often with a temple dedicated to the protective deity of the titular emperor attached to it Today, only fragments and ruins Imperial Rome – Forum Romanum Imperial Rome – Forum Romanum Imperial Rome ­ Architecture Imperial Rome ­ Architecture Arch of Titus, Rome, 81 Another typical Roman architectural feature was the triumphal arch; emperors sought to commemorate their military victories with such structures, so each arch is associated with the rule of a specific emperor Ornamental version of city gate, used by emperor to triumphantly enter Rome after battle; in this case, Emperor Titus returning from conquest of Jerusalem at the end of the Jewish Wars (66­70) Reliefs: Spoils (menorah, trumpets) of the Temple of Jerusalem brought to Rome (bottom l...
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