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Paul getty villa malibu ca imperialrome imperialrome

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Unformatted text preview: r of upscale private villas like this one, richly decorated with frescoes Typical example of a Pompeian town house with atrium, opening in the roof (compluvium) Frescoes are an example of “Pompeian Fourth Style”: narrative panels, trompe­l’oeil architectural vistas, and stone imitation paneling; influenced by Roman theater design Pompeian fresco paintings can be sexually Pompeii Pompeii The Villa of the Mysteries, near Pompeii, frescoes, ca. 50 B.C.E. One of the most splendid examples of Pompeian fresco paintings Illusionistic ledge with a succession of naturalistically rendered figure groups; “Pompeian Second Style” Subject: initiation ceremonies into a Roman mystery cult, believed to be that of Dionysus; mystery cults of various flavors flourished in Rome before the introduction of Christianity; initiation reserved to upper classes The frescoes follow a young female novice through the various trials of Getty Villa in Malibu is a Getty Villa in Malibu is a Modern Recreation of a Pompeian Villa Peristyle Garden of J. P...
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