7.1 Vectors as Forces Part One

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Unformatted text preview: a rope with a force of 70 N at 30o to the ground. Jennie pulls horizontally with a force of 45 N. Position Diagram 70 N 300 45 N Vector Diagram 45 N resultant 300 70 N 1 7.1 Vectors as Forces Part One.notebook September 23, 2009 What happens when we have more than 2 forces acting on an object? Consider three people pushing on a box with the given forces. The Position Diagram is shown below: 3 N [N 20o E] 6 N [E 30o N] o 6 N [W 10 N] box Vector Diagram 6 N [W 10o N] resultant 3 N [N 20o E] 6 N [E 30o N] When the sum of the forces acting...
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