7.1 Vectors as Forces Part One

Bsketchanddefinetheequilibrantvector example3

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Unformatted text preview: ce angle can change: x r y y α θ r x x = x = y = y = Example #1: Find the horizontal and vertical components of a force of 50 N at 600 to the ground. 3 7.1 Vectors as Forces Part One.notebook September 23, 2009 Example #2: Two people pull a toboggan forward with a rope. One person pulls horizontally with a force of 60 N, while the other person pulls with a 60 N force at an angle of 200. (a) Find the force pulling the toboggan forward. (b) Sketch and define the equilibrant vector. Example #3: A delivery woman drives 150 km [S 30o W] to pick up...
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