Lecture 1.16.07

Lecture 1.16.07 - jagged stokes sometimes-Zen Art Daisetz T...

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Sheet1 Page 1 01/16/07 (Review from last lecture) Kyoto Golden Pavilion Silver Pavilion No Drama unrealistic plain, few props masks the head of a studio is the head of the family trained in art from childhood handed down each generation folding screens approx. 149 cm tall. would be a substantial presence in the room Japs sat down on the floor J Toso and Kono School monochrome painting polychrome painting some douchebag (Motinobu?) looked at other paintings rather than nature to learn to paint
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Unformatted text preview: jagged stokes sometimes---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Zen Art Daisetz T. Suzuki very popular in America and Europe Not really in-tune with real zen, though (start looking at porn) This guy is a huuuuuge doucheeeeee. huge douche...
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