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LA4 AP 09-10 Course Syllabus

LA4 AP 09-10 Course Syllabus - Composition Academic...

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Advanced Placement English Literature and  Composition Academic Expectations & Course Outline GENERAL COURSE INFORMATION Course Description: Language Arts 4-AP (LA 4-AP) is an advanced course that provides a detailed, in-depth study of language, literature, and composition skills. The course emphasizes elements of study and skills necessary for success on the AP English Literature and Composition Exam. District and state guidelines emphasize British literature for all Language Arts 4 courses. Academic Expectations: To prepare for the AP exam in May 2010. AP English Lit. students will: A. identify and understand the literary elements used on the AP English Lit. Exam. B. analyze and evaluate novels, plays and poems in-depth with emphasis on the following elements 1. theme and its development. 2. characters and characterization 3. social, cultural, and historical values 4. author’s techniques including style and artistry 5. genre studies and how the work fits in the genre C. analyze and evaluate pieces of literature never before seen. D. develop and write analytic essays (both prepared and timed, in-class) of a caliber acceptable in freshman college English courses and for the AP English Lit. Exam. E. maintain an A or B in the course; students who earn unsatisfactory marks will be advised to transfer into college- prep English classes. Grades: Grades are based on formal, prepared papers, in-class, timed essays, literature tests and assignments, oral presentation, vocabulary quizzes, class participation, and the final exams. Grades are weighted and will follow the distribution below: Essays Final exam Miscellaneous Participation Tests/quizzes Vocabulary Make-up Policy: Students are responsible for class work and homework missed during an absence (check calendars on website).
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