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Leader Management Discussion


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Unformatted text preview: aknesses Make sure your position and/or conclusion is coherently stated, examples explained well, etc. Don’t ignore key weaknesses of your position or key strengths of alternatives It is not analysis if all you know is what you think/believe Middle Ground is not Insight Middle “It is a mixture of both”, “It depends” are not insightful by themselves. You can start with them, but don’t dwell on them, build you whole answer around them or state them like they are profound. They are the lowest hanging fruit and an easy cop out for those with little understanding or no insight. Featuring them makes you suspect to those who have deeper understanding Middle Ground is not Insight Middle Lowest Cost/Highest Quality, Lowest Risk/Highest Reward Potential, Best Leader/Best Manager Sounds great Also suggest you don’t understand inherent tensions and tradeoffs Perfect Balance often leads to mediocrity Not automatically/rarely is the best single answer Needs clear justification for why it might be “It Depends…” On what? Give one concrete, contextual example...
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