Organ Histo Lab Practical 1

Organ Histo Lab Practical 1 - Organ Histology Lab Practical...

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Organ Histology Lab Practical 1 Notes From Review: will not be asked to identify slides unless specified use Sharon Freedman’s website for slides – know: general tissue specific layers specific cells example wording of questions: Name the surface epithelium: Name the cell at the pointer: Name the structure at the pointer: Name the area at the pointer: Name the type of tissue: Name the organ: will be artery/vein Name the enodostial cell: No practical will have both fibrocartilage and mesenchyme. Each practical will have at least 1 blood slide. Each practical will have some connective tissue: 1 lose 1 dense Each practical will have a bone slide: Epithelium Review: Simple Epithelium Simple Squamous: Simple Cuboidal: Simple Columnar: Ciliated Oseudostratified (respiratory): structures: cilia basal bodies cells: sustentacular  basal cells goblet cells Stratified Epithelium: Stratified Squamous: superficial cells intermediate cells basal layer of cells Keratinized Stratified Squamous: keratin superficial cells intermediate cells basal layer of cells Urinary (transitional): Connective Tissue Review:
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Loose Connective Tissue Mucoid (mesenchyme): mesencyme cell – oval fibroblast – flat collagen – pink, whispy fibers Loose Areolar:
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ORGAN HIST 201 taught by Professor K during the Spring '08 term at Palmer Chiropractic.

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Organ Histo Lab Practical 1 - Organ Histology Lab Practical...

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