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Unformatted text preview: Wed, Apr 3 7 – 9 pm semester’s grade. To be eligible TEhree4 finalThermodynamicsleast threefor the fourWed,youexams. have– submitted at least 75% of the homework grade options... of this optionclass must 7 9 pm xam assignments and taken at in- May 1 st th Final Exam Comprehensive (all topics) SOption One 7 – 10 pm Two at, May 11 Option Option Three ALEKS homework 5% 5% – Final Exam Quest homework % % – The final exam for CH301 is comprehensive, meaning covering all material from5the entire semester. If5you keep In after minutes weekly, the an permitted to more be % – arriving 45 course, or lateryour homeworkor started will bewill has started will % permitted to previousthese up with the minutes andarriving 45 an exam haslater after finalexamnot be anytake5the exam.than thetake5the exam. You must bring these do -class participation difficult You must bring four In ifficult if you try your valid it day txams. It each extremely -classUniversitybestseveral of four or ID, ahead. 60%non-programmable – and time things to exams: to three University and your It will be held at your own non-programmable–calculator. #2 ehings to will beexam: yourdvalid each exam:ID, cram for#2apencils,two several own pencils, and the datecalculator. – 85% – Each exam questions that choice questions that are any other receive a student will lEach exam will beshouldIn--class exams:multiple-areamachine graded. Each machine willplans Each will interfere receive a unique exam isted above. You multiple choicewill be counting travel arrangements, or student graded. that unique exam not schedule flights, make ll four Final own version You m 2 the 100% with its own version atwith scheduled time.exam have the students will number. It is therefore very–important with your attendance number. No two students willay No two same version have 5% same version number. It is therefore very important this its cumulative number. choose not to take the final, as described below. 1 for 1 the that you k minutes copyTOTAL an exam has started will your copy in You 100%this copy in order bring to verify you as00%student that after of your copy You need this exams order the to verify must th...
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