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For ch301 is comprehensive meaning covering all

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Unformatted text preview: les xam – 85% CH301 all four of Chemistry ed, May Page Spring 2013 F Comprehensive (all 2 11 100% al Exam inal cumulative exam topics) Final Examat, Comprehensive (all m – S May5%th 7 – 10 p topics) Sat, May 11th 7 – 10 pm Final Exam TOTAL 100% 100% 100% The final exam for CH301 is comprehensive, meaning covering all material from the entire semester. If you keep Final Exam am 1 5 up is your homework or CH301 with the course, and he Syllabus (1/9/13) CH301 is comprehensive, meaningmore difficultmaterial fromSpringentire semester. If you keep T do final exam for weekly, the final will not be any covering all than the previous 2013 keep the four CH301 comprehensive, meaning covering all material from 6a day or semester. If you be Principles of Chemistry I d Page the entire e do your homework weekly,ifficult if you try to do your it difficult weekly, the final four at the more difficult rse, and xams. It will be extremelywith the course,not be any forhomework two ahead. It willwill heldbe any date and time than the previous four up the final will and cram more than the previous not listed above you try to xams. It it dayflights, make travel you held cram for it and timetwo that will interfere extremely difficult .ifYou should not forwillabe extremely difficult will be try to at theor any other plansahead. It will be held at the date and time e cram schedule or two ahead. It if arrangements, date a day or with your attendance atl this above. You should mayschedulenot plans the travelas described below.any other plans that will interfere u should not schedule flights,istedscheduled time. You not or any other to takethat final,interfere make travel arrangements, choose flights, make will arrangements, or ance atGrading Options Ywith your attendance at thisthe final, as time. You may choose not to take the final, as described below. this scheduled time. ou may choose not to take scheduled described below. Option One – the standard grading scheme: Most of you will follow the option one grading scheme shown in the ns Grading Options table, where scheme: Option One – t follow the option one grading scheme shown follow drop the worst of your four in-class scheme: e standard...
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