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Unformatted text preview: cils, and ifyour doimportant work, in eachparticipation and all non programmable ll means combinetwo students will haveUniversity versionand a calculator. homework, nd non- score w final, option two willachareNo will begraded.or -your final same receiveeligible forexamoption, you must have receive a unique exam version number.utomatically used f Each student will Tthat are uniqueIt this the grade. o be number. is therefore very if y will tihehigher than your ithat exam final our , then two questions score will be graded. Each studentsubstituted for your entire be multiple-choice questionsoptiona twothan yscoreoptionchoicefinal score, then ayour finalsubstituted forwyoure entire Ee multiple y machine exam score s you keep your copy bhighermachine exams. You our final exam in order hat No two studentss ith each of version version number. It scopy awill have the isame version as ill b It is therefore very important of homework your need students stubmitted atgrade.75% ofwillits owngrade.assignments,No twothisitaken submittedfor us -to verify younumber.student least To semester’s the same number.you must thistherefore youf the least 75% of the the least k the have for this option and have have ll four o must class exams. n have submitted homewor 75% of the homework sion number. semester’s that version w eligible necessary eligible for case of two or important submittingat be To be option very at students who each of of ur copyption Three your exams. the exam; this it copy if order for your examsI.you asmorestudent two grading identical you as the student of took for hat you keep get copy we have us to of a the us to verify Oersion numbers taken tat least threeandthe fourinofendthree of theverifyinYou uexams.option in order for scheme whoYou need your suddenly taken in eachexams. four classneed this copy assignments and those assignments of studentthe -classof the semester: f -you se the least on theirifexams. Each case by atmust exam; necessarysubmitting identicalof two otherwise their ersion vof the exam; necessary ho we have a version of the verify their copy in order to receive a grade,or more students submitting identical...
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