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Unformatted text preview: e student of each need arriving 45 eep your or later you keepyour exams.of each ofbe permitted. to takefor usexam. Youyou as00%usthese we #2 case and or more case of submitting identical Grading each exam: your the exam; necessary severalexam;anecessarytwowe have non-programmable calculator. submitting identical twho took Options whovalid University ID, ofif the have pencils, of ifyour own astudents two or more students hings to that version of took that version v ption numbers multiple choice questions M must verify1/9/13)copy must Pstudent will grade, otherwiseexam version numbers on that of machine Oach exam willhe on their exams. Each student ost areyouEachfollow the Eachverify6receive areceive a unique intheir grade, otherwise their E ersionOne – t bestandard-grading scheme:their Iexams. will student inoption to their copy in order to receive a CH301 Principles of Chemistry Syllabus ( theirgraded. order one grading scheme shown the age Spring 2013 tsable,its own you get totocore thefor thatof yourand zeroclassthatreported tothey will beIt ischolastic the dean for scholastic dishonesty. drop No two exam a they will exams. wcore where version number.willworststudentsfour in- forthe same versionthe dean for s therefore very important ith will be changed s a zero be changed towill have be exam and number. reported to dishonesty. that youTwo for those who do well all semester. and/or arethis copy in order for us to grade:you thethe student keep your copy of each of your exams You need happy with their current verify At as end of the Option who took that combine the homework, in-T if we semester, if youversion of your exam; necessaryopic have a case ofTtwo or ate all four class exams, using the Time class participation and quizzes, more students ime Date identical Exam Exam opic D and T submitting v ption numbers on their exams. Each can take the grade you copy in order to receive grade, otherwise take oersion two grading scheme below, youstudent must verify their have earned. This meansathat if you do not their th th Exam Quantum m 1and theyand be atom...
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