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Unformatted text preview: be eligible for this option, E exam uantum mechanics dean 7 W dishonesty. score will be changedwill e automatically used for your final grade. T W the Feb 6 scholastic m you must 7 the final, option two 1to abzero for thatxamechanicsQwill thereportedotoed,and the atom– 9 ped, Feb 6 have – 9 pm submitted at least 75% of the homework assignments, and have taken aWfour Mar 6thn-class–exams. Mar 6th 7 – 9 pm ll ed, of the i 7 9 ped, Exam 2 Bonding Exam 2 Bonding Wm Option Three Exam 3 who suddenly get it 3Topicsolids semester:Wed, ate 3he option ime grading3scheme – 9 pm forExam those If youApr D use T two Gases, xam by the end ases, liquids, and solids t rd Eliquids, and G of the 7 – 9 ped, Apr rd Wm 7 to combine your homework, Qhermodynamics , and allthe atom exams, Feb i61yst 7 – 9Wmyour finalstexam – 9 p4 inuantum mechanics Thermodynamics ed, May f thour 7 – 9 ped, May 1 -class Exam 4 participation and four class W ed, and score on Exam 4 T W pm 7 m Exam 1 is higher than your option two final score, then your final exam score will bethsubstituted for your th entire Final 2 Comprehensive (all ComprehensiveWat, topics) th F S ed,May 1 (all Mar 6 7 – 9 0at the 11 – 1 pm May 7 Exam Exam Bonding this option you must semester’s grade. To be eligible for inal Exam topics) have submitted at 1least775%Sofp,m homework – 10 pm assignments and taken atinalGthree of the four in-class exams. leastEases, liquids, and solids Wed, Apr 3rd 7 – 9 pm Final ExamExam 3 F xam The final examxamCH301 isfinal exam for CH301Option One all material from the entire semester. Threeentire semester. If you keep E for 4 The comprehensive, meaning covering Thermodynamics is comprehensive, meaning covering all material from you keep Wed, May 1st 7 – 9 pm Option Two Option If the up with the course,Exam with omprehensive (all your homework weekly,Mayfinalthwill7 –thanpm more difficult than the previous four and do C the course, and do topics)% more1 not be the – ALEKS homework up...
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