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Unformatted text preview: nThis you havescheme shownmeans that if you do not take o two – the standard below,grading schemeof gradeyou can the the grade means that if you Thisnot take option two scheme: Most below, you have earned. one grading earned. do in the ttable, where you get to ill be automatically used fbe inutomatically useTofor your final grade.option,eligible forhave option, you must have drop the option two w four a -class exams. he final, option two wthe final, worst of your ill or your final grade. d be eligible for this To be you must this a ption 45 or those submitted an exam 5% of and/or are happy with to take the exam. exams.the the these later homework 7 has started will be permitted their have grade: t s rrivingTwominutes or of theafter at least assignments, and have assignments, ofcurrenttaken all four o end in the Oubmitted at fleast 75%who do well all semester the homework taken all four andthein-class YouAmust fbringof-class exams. hings to you combine your homework, or , several the exam. You programmable emester, each exam: your validhree permitted participation andandIfyour ubring permitted exams, calculator. tes or stlater afterifan exam hasOstartedTwill begetthoseclasstoafter#2 pencils,byquizzes, andthe semester:twoyou useusingothe You must bring these rriving 45University by who suddenly get minutes ID the take the semester:started ownt non-ption I take the ption Option Three for those awho suddenlyfor itin- laterend ofan examithas the mustwill ahethese classf togradingtheexam. two grading scheme ption you of be four end se ll o scheme Eption two will be ID,hings to #2you ach exam receive oo c valid Universityscheme below, questionsand your ownfour -have ,earned. student class examsa, unique exam on your final exam take xam: yourombinegrading multiple-choice your can take thein-machine graded. Each aThisifourwill that onyouaownnotourprogrammable calculator. exam: that aregrade participation, ID several #2 your score your final exam t ith its ownyour hometoseveral-classpencils, your , validclass you class exams, nd fpen...
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