To drop the worst of your four in class exams able

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Unformatted text preview: gradingyou get toMost of you willhe standard gradingexams. Most of you will in the the option one grading scheme shown in the get toOption Two forof yourwho do-class you semester and/or are happy with their current grade: At the end of the drop the worst those tfour in well exams. to drop the worst of your four in-class exams. able, where all get semester, if all semester and/or are those who their current and quizzes, and a offour with their , using grade: At the end of the those who do wellyou combine your Two forhappy -with do well all semester and/or endllhappy class examscurrentthe Option homework, in class participation grade: At the are the option homework, in-semester, if you combine your homework, inclass participation and quizzes, do all take combine yourtwo grading scheme participation and quizzes,gradeayou haveclassexams, using thethat if youand not four class exams, using the class below, you can take the and ll four - earned. This means the final, option can takebe a two gradinguse for your final grade.take if eligible for this earned. This means ing scheme below, you two willptionutomaticallyhavedearned. Thisyou can that beyou do not take option, you must havethat if you do not take o the grade you scheme below, means To the grade you have submitted at least useofftheyour ption two ill be utomatically usedafll four o the grade. exams. two will be automatically75% dhe final, ofinal grade.wTo be aeligible for this option, youf finalinhave To be eligible for this option, you must have t or homework assignments, and have taken or your must -class st 75% ofption Three for those swho suddenly gettakenof ll four of the isemester: If you and haveotaken all four of the in-class exams. ubmitted at least 5% a the homework assignments, O the homework assignments, and have 7it by the end of the n-class exams. use the ption two grading scheme o combine your homework, in-class or those who and se four class the endaof theysemester: f you u final option r those twho suddenly get it byOption Three fparticipation,you uall the option examsradingifscheme Ion yourse theexam two grading scheme the end of the semester: If suddenly get it by two g , nd our score s higher than your optionand allyour home examsy acl...
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