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1 PNS Definitions Neuron- -Nerve cell -only conducting medium -forms connecting pathways, forming chains, transporting impulse from one to another across gaps (synapses) -contains cytoplasmic processes, dendrites, and an axon -found in CNS, nucleus, cortex, periphery, ganglion, special senses. -3 types -unipolar- or pseudo-unipolar, 1 pole, found in sensory ganglions -bipolar - 2 poles, found in special senses , like cochlea -multipolar - more than 2 processes, found in a
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Unformatted text preview: nucleus, cortex, or visceral ganglion Nuclei or Nucleus--collection of neurons in CNS, generally having a common function. Ganglion--collection of neurons forming an enlargement on nerve trunk, that have a common function with ganglionic cells in certain plexuses.-plexus = network of fibers Fibers--elongated cytoplasmic processes that constitute nerve fibers, which form nerves. Nerve--bundle of cytoplasmic processes....
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