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Unformatted text preview: p0cpp, and p0py. These three directories implement an LLVM tool that reads in one bitcode file and outputs it to another file. It is the simplest compiler possible ­ ­ ­it does nothing! You can see examples of how to do this in C, C++, and Python. When we start a new project, you will need to update it using the svn update command. • wolfbench: This is also an SVN repository and it will hold testing infrastructure for each project. I will tell you how to configure it for testing your code. • p0: This is a build directory configured from wolfbench to illustrate how we will test code. To better understand how this works, following these steps (carefully!). • source ece566.projects • Let’s get rid of p0 and do it again manually o rm –Rf p0 • Next, we need to install the p0 tools in the projects...
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