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Hence i have prepared a vcl framework in which you

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Unformatted text preview: icult, it’s also important that the class share a common infrastructure, or gold standard, against which all project submissions can be compared. Hence, I have prepared a VCL framework in which you can work and test your design. However, since some of you will prefer to work on your own PC, I’m also providing an installer script that will load the software on your own computer. VCL Setup Instructions Whether you plan to use VCL or not, I recommend you follow these instructions so that you have a working environment. Think of it as a backup plan. To get started, go to http://vcl.ncsu.edu and click on Make a Reservation. (Note, if you don't know how to use VCL, visit the website and read more. There are tutorials and FAQs for students.) Then, request a machine with the ECE 466/566 Fall 2012 image installed. You will need to selec...
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