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Unformatted text preview: tupid). 2. Open installer-all.sh and edit the first few variables as appropriate. For example, make sure PYTHON is set to the path for Python version 2.7.3. 3. Run the installer script from the directory where you want to install all of the tools. You do not need root access to run this script. ./scripts/installer-all.sh When you run this script, it will periodically connect to a remote EOS computer. You will need to enter your password several times during this process. If this script is successful, it will take about 1 to 2 hours to run and will install LLVM onto your computer as well as all the project files for the course. If you run into problems, please post a message with the tag #debug_installer_all #project0 #vcl Understanding LLVM and the Class Directory Structure © James Tuck, 2012 On VCL, the LLVM compiler is installed at /usr/local/ece566/install/bin. The LLVM compiler contains a number of useful tools. You can read...
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