Your course locker can be found at the following path

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Unformatted text preview: t it from the drop down box. Also, select a 4 hour reservation just to make sure you have enough time to carry out these steps. 1. After connecting to the VCL machine, choose a suitable directory to work out of. You may want to choose your course locker or your own AFS home directory. Your course locker can be found at the following path for 566 students: /afs/eos.ncsu.edu/lockers/workspace/ece/ece566/001/unity-id For 466 students, replace the 566 with 466. © James Tuck, 2012 2. Using subversion, check out the installer script for the course projects using the following command (note, there should be no line break): svn checkout file:///afs/eos.ncsu.edu/lockers/workspace/ece/ece566/001/c ommon/repo/scripts 3. Now, execute the script to checkout the rest of the code and build the hw0 project. ./scripts/installer-project.sh When the installer script is fi...
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