Gross II Lab Practical 1

Gross II Lab Practical 1 - 1-1Gross Anatomy II Lab...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-1Gross Anatomy II Lab Practical #1Review InformationStructureClassification / LocationHelpful Informationplatysma musclesuperficial neckthin “flap” on facesternocleidomastoid musclesuperficial neckexternal jugular veinsuperficial neckon top of SCMhyoid bone -- greater cornuosteologylarge hornhyoid bone -- lesser cornuosteologysmall horn on tophyoid bone -- bodyosteologysmall area in centeranterior belly -- digastric muscleanterior triangleunder mandible at chinposterior belly -- digastric muscleanterior triangleby ear -- posterior tendonsternohyoid musclemuscular trianglesuperficial around trachea -- midlinesuperior belly -- omohyoid musclemuscular trianglesuperficial with SCM -- chin to neckinferior belly -- omohyoid musclemuscular trianglesuperficial with SCM -- neck to shouldersternothyroid musclemuscular triangleunder sternohyoid -- from sternum to thyroidthryohyoid musclemuscular triangleunder sternohyoid -- from thyroid to hyoidthyroid glandmuscular triangleleft/right lobes, isthmus, pyramidal lobe (if present)carotid sheathcarotid triangleon morgue bodycommon carotid arterycarotid trianglelarge artery in carotid sheathinternal carotid arterycarotid triangleinternal / lateral branch of common carotidexternal carotid arterycarotid triangleexternal / medial branch of common carotidsuperior thyroid arterycarotid trianglemost inferior branch of common carotidsuperior laryngeal arterycarotid triangleproximal to superior thyroidlingual arterycarotid triangleclose to hypoglossal nervefacial arterycarotid trianglecurly -- on faceinternal jugular veincarotid triangleposterior to common carotid arteryvagus nervecarotid trianglebetween common carotid and IJansa cervicaliscarotid trianglecircle of nerveshypoglossal nervecarotid triangledeep to tendon of digastric2sympathetic trunkcarotid triangleunder carotid sheath (look for ganglion)superior cervical ganglioncarotid triangletop ganglionstellate ganglioncarotid trianglelower ganglioninternal laryngeal nervecarotid triangleinside larynxsuperior laryngeal nervecarotid triangleunder hyoid, superior to superior laryngeal arteryphrenic nerveposterior trianglelateral to vagus -- to diaphragminferior thyroid arteryposterior trianglebelow superior thyroid arterycrown osteology of teethtop of toothneckosteology of teethbelow crownrootsosteology of teethbottom -- can’t see when in socketcaninesosteology of teethsingle rooted -- pointedpremolars (1st, 2nd)osteology of teethsingle/double rooted -- broad topsmolars (1st, 2nd, 3rd)osteology of teethmultiple rooted -- broad topslabial (central incisor to canine)surfaces of teethfaces lipbuccal (PM1 to M3)surfaces of teethfaces cheeklingualsurfaces of teethfaces tonguemesialsurfaces of teeth...
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course GROSS II 202 taught by Professor T during the Spring '08 term at Palmer Chiropractic.

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Gross II Lab Practical 1 - 1-1Gross Anatomy II Lab...

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