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Gross II Lab Practical 2 - 1 Gross Anatomy II Lab Practical...

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1 Gross Anatomy II Lab Practical II Study Guide Structure Description iliac crest on ilium ASIS symphysis pubis pubic crest pubic tubercle bump near pubic crest rectus sheath – anterior and posterior layers sheath of thick aponeurosis on abdomen rectus abdominis muscle midline muscle of abdomen tendinous intersections “six pack” lines on abdomen linea alba midline line between rectus abdominis muscles external abdominal oblique muscle on sides, fibers run down and forward internal abdominal oblique muscle on sides, fibers run out and back transverse abdominis muscle fibers run across spermatic cord in inguinal canal – thick cord round ligament in inguinal canal inguinal ligament between pubic tubercle and ASIS superficial inguinal ring external opening near midline of pubis medial crus medial side of ring lateral crus lateral side of ring deep inguinal ring under rectus abdominal muscles undissected cord spermatic cord – undissected ductus deferens epididymis to prostatic urethra testicular artery from abdominal aorta – smaller than ductus deferens pampiniform plexus veins to testicular vein epididymis on testis parietal peritoneum shiny visceral peritoneum on the organs greater omentum below stomach lesser omentum above stomach epiploic foramen behind aorta – under liver – put probe thru stomach lesser curvature greater curvature cardiac part esophagus meets stomach fundus top body pyloric part right side small intestine duodenum – first = upper part duodenum – second = descending part duodenum – third = inferior part duodenum – fourth = ascending part
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2 jejunum – with mesentery left side ileum – with mesentery right before the colon large intestine cecum first part vermiform appendix on cecum ascending colon transverse colon transverse mesocolon mesentery on transverse colon descending colon sigmoid colon sigmoid mesocolon mesentery on sigmoid colon teniae coli band along the colon – runs along length haustra bumps or outpouches appendices epiploicae fat pouches celiac trunk short artery on abdominal aorta splenic artery goes to spleen short gastric arteries on fundus of stomach left gastroepiploic artery to greater curvature of stomach left gastric artery goes straight back off the celiac trunk common hepatic artery to the liver proper hepatic artery after the gastroduodenal artery branches gastroduodenal artery
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  • Arteries of the abdomen, Renal vein, Artery Renal Artery, artery gastroduodenal artery, artery cystic artery, artery obturator artery

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