Confidentiality controlling the access information

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Unformatted text preview: anipulated into the system. to 2 09 the Identification Authentication: personnel accessing the information. Integrity: the information. methods for the value, this value may be difficult to measure versus the results produced by a classical medical approach. Prevention of the unauthorized access to Albeit technology investments, accompanied by careful planning, training, post-commissioning support can improve the delivery of healthcare services and enable far-reaching social and economic value, the "traditional" healthcare value categories are still applicable to the telemedicine systems. In a system of systems approach, data integrity is even more important as unintentional interference between the data holders may occur. IV. TELEMEDICINE SYSTEM OF SYSTEMS EMERGENT Among them, we can identify the following main healthcare value categories and possible key performance indicators (KPIs) that may be used to measure them. BEHAVIOR Whenever an incident threatening the patient life or safety occurs, or another critical state is identified, an avalanche of TABLE 1. HEALTHCARE VALUE CATEGORIES AND ASSOCIATED KPIs Self-organization is a bottom - up process, in which the internal organization of a component system, most likely an open system, increases in complexity without being guided or managed by an outside source. This eventually leads to the need of flexible but effective system governance, needed in Possible KPIs This is the cost of delivering a clinical service which may be slashed either by more intervention timely (reducing the overall cost per patient) or by reducing the overall cost of monitoring patients (through reduced travel and associated costs). - Reduction in acute care costs. - Percentage reduction in cost of managing patient case. - Quicker recoveries requiring less resources. Patient Safety By telemedicine collaborative platforms, doctors from different locations, with different skills and levels of competences can work together, leading to an decision improved making act, resulting an improvement in patient safety. Percentage increase in collaboration between healthcare and clinicians worke...
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