Fig 1 shows the overall system of systems

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Unformatted text preview: system of systems architecture. At the home level (although this term is merely generic since we can discuss also about the monitoring patients in remote locations, in ambulances being in traffic etc ...), the system is monitoring the patient's vital signals, as well as data related to the daily activities patterns (where applicable). This framework is applicable on both home and assisted care facilities monitoring. Holistic approach: Patients are viewed in their totality, including their health status, as well as social network and their individual capabilities and preferences. 9th RoEduNet IEEE International Conference 2010 Apart from the physical integration (obviously necessary since integration of different equipments with specific communication protocols is required), a functional integration is necessary, in order to overcome the fuzzy functional partition among different systems, a source of potential functional conflicts. The information offered for the medical and social assistance staffs has also to pass a semantic integration since this information is used by different actors with different needs and perspectives over the same subject: the patient status. In this respect, the monitoring centre system is acting as a SoS bridge, being responsible for the physical, functional and semantic integration aspects. Figure 1. System Architecture The overall heterogeneous system of autonomous systems Even at this level, the system is considered as a SoS: the vital signs monitoring and activity monitoring are two autonomous systems, each of which have their own capabilities (see Fig 2.). Home / remote location system is responsible for the acquisition, collection, analysis and transmission of the patient's vital signs, like Sp02, BP, ECG. Most likely, this system is physically located at patients' home. This system is composed of two modules: The sensors integration platform, which is attached on patient's body. Home gateway, which communicates with the sensors over a local connection. has an emergent behavior which,...
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